Does Launch Center Pro support IFTTT?

As of the 2.7.1 update released on January 30th, 2017, Launch Center Pro no longer supports direct integration with IFTTT. The decision to remove IFTTT support was not one we took lightly, but in the end it was the best decision for the future of the app.

Support for IFTTT was built on top of Facebook’s platform for mobile developers, Parse. As a small, independent team working part-time on Launch Center Pro, using Parse gave us the opportunity to run a complex web service without having to worry about down-time, security, infrastructure upgrades, and the myriad of other challenges that come from building and maintaining web services. Unfortunately, Facebook decided to shutdown Parse, which left us in the lurch. We could have migrated to another hosted service like Firebase, but while we were debating the merits of that, the other shoe dropped...

IFTTT let us know that they now charge companies that integrate with their service, and that we would have to start paying. They did their best to work with us on cost, and even offered to delay the start of payments, but the writing was on the wall — between migrating to a new host, maintaining the service, and paying IFTTT, keeping IFTTT support alive was going to be quite costly, and could get even more costly over time. Given Launch Center Pro’s current business model and revenue stream, maintaining IFTTT just wasn't feasible.

IFTTT now has an iOS app that does much of what was supported in Launch Center Pro. And if you need to create more complex workflows with IFTTT, give the Workflow app a try.

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