Does Launch Center Pro work on Jailbroken devices?

Yes! And no!

Launch Center Pro seems to work just fine on jailbroken devices with no system hacks or apps that muck around in the background.

Given how deeply jailbroken apps can modify iOS, there's just no way for us to know or test what will happen once you start installing various hacks. If you have jailbroken your device and don't understand the security implications and other problems it might cause, you should seriously consider reverting your device to a clean install of iOS. Apple works very hard to screen apps, prevent fraud, and otherwise protect users. Cydia and other jailbreak installers might take some similar precautions, but once a device is jailbroken, you should assume that any app can modify the system in very deep ways and even compromise the security of all data on your device.

For those who understand the implications, I hope you also understand that there's just no way for us to 100% support jailbroken devices. So far, every issue we've found with Launch Center Pro running on jailbroken devices has been caused by bugs in a specific jailbreak app. If you're running a jailbroken device and still want to use Launch Center Pro, you do so at your own risk, but here are a few troubleshooting tips:

1. Assume all bugs you experience are caused by jailbreaking. Launch Center Pro does have a few very minor bugs, and you may have found a new legitimate bug, but there are just so many issues caused by jailbreaking that sending us a note about a bug on a jailbroken device is generally just a waste of everyone's time.

2. If you are experiencing some major slowdowns or other odd behavior, try uninstalling system hacks and apps that run in the background (start with the list below). If you find a specific app that's causing issues and it's not listed below, let us know so we can add it to the list.

There are several apps that are known to cause issues:
1. PdaNet
2. IntelliScreenX

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