Photo Attachments

Launch Center Pro enables several photo sources for use in attaching to email, messages, tweets, Facebook, Dropbox, and more. Where the attach parameter is allowed, you may use any of the following options:

?attach=photo               # Offers a prompt to choose from common sources
?attach=photo:last          # Uses the last photo on your camera roll
?attach=photo:camera        # Opens the camera for you to snap a new photo
?attach=photo:frontcamera   # Defaults to the front camera
?attach=photo:library       # Offers a photo picker for your entire library
?attach=photo:cameraroll    # Offers a photo picker for your camera roll
?attach=photo:dropbox       # Allows you to pick a photo from Dropbox
?attach=photo:clipboard     # Uses the photo on your clipboard

The above attachment types have sensible defaults for most uses, but we added a few handy options for advanced uses. Simply add these parameters to your URL as needed.

Universal Options

&quality=0..100             # Allows you to specify the JPG compression quality
&maxwidth=640               # Resizes proportionally. The value is at 1x
&maxheight=640              # (Same as above)

Camera-Specific Options

&flash=yes|no               # omit to use auto/default
&edit=yes|no                # If enabled, it presents the system square-crop editing screen after taking a photo. Defaults to *no*.
&save=yes|no                # Also save the photo to your camera roll? (Defaults to *yes*)
&fullres=yes|no             # The default is to use the image at screen resolution with all applied edits (rotation/crop/etc). You can override this by specifying *yes* and you'll get the raw unedited image.  (Also applies to library and cameraroll sources.)

Dropbox-Specific Options

&path={{/pictures/gifs}}            # Opens a Dropbox picker from this directory
&path={{/pictures/gifs/LOL.gif}}    # Directly downloads the specified images
&cache=yes|no                       # If yes, prevents downloading the same (big?) image if it's already in cache. Defaults to *no*.
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