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What is Launch Center Pro?

Launch Center Pro is a productivity tool built to allow users quick access to common actions they perform on their iOS devices. These actions are initiated from within Launch Center Pro via URL schemes, which work similar to standard “http:” links.

If you’re a Launch Center Pro user and want it to support actions within another app, you’ll need to contact the developer of that app directly. Launch Center Pro can’t interact in any way — even launch the app — with an app that doesn’t have a URL scheme.

If you’re an iOS developer, please consider adding or enhancing URL support in your apps.

Already have a URL scheme? Please let us know.

Need help getting started? Check out our developer guide.

How do URLs work in Launch Center Pro?

For many apps, the URLs are just static. But if your app URLs accept parameters and such, we have some unique ways to make the use of those easier for users. Let’s look at the Action Composer from a user’s perspective.

App Selection

If an app has only one URL action (like Photoshop Express) we’re done. If we have more than one, we’ll keep drilling down.

App Actions

The first action is included by default and simply opens the app. The rest are special URLs. If an action doesn’t have any variable options, you’re done. (ex: Add New Event)

Otherwise, we’ll keep drilling down.

Action Options

Name is included by default. This is the text used beneath the icon in Launch Center Pro. Note that we’ve defaulted the action to a shorter name, but the user can edit it.

In this example, the parameters “Title” and “Location” will replace placeholders in the URL. We can even specify the keyboard type or provide a “tip” (question mark).

Special Entry

Users can also add a few special placeholders for your variables. Examples include showing a contact picker, displaying an input prompt, or using clipboard contents. You don’t need to do anything to get this functionality.

Alternatively you can use these special features in your static URLs. (i.e.: Add Event with Title from Prompt)

Submit your Launch Center Pro Actions

Adding your URL actions to Launch Center is easy! Just provide us with suggestions for useful action URLs and we update our server to make them immediately available to users.

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