Why aren't location triggers working?

There are a few reasons that location triggers for actions might not be working in Launch Center Pro.

Understanding Location Services

When building support for location triggers in Launch Center Pro, we chose not to activate the GPS to check the user’s configured geofences. The GPS is the single part that uses the most power on your device, and most of the time it is not needed. Instead, we use Apple’s Location Services APIs to determine your location. Location triggers will be the most accurate when Apple has good data about your location based on cell towers and WiFi access points. If that data is not as accurate (perhaps because it is a more rural or international location), then the way we activate location triggers will similarly be not as accurate. Additionally, Apple adds some margin to geofences to ensure that it doesn’t unnecessarily think you are entering and leaving a geofence more often than you actually are.

You can try manipulating the size and location of a geofence circle inside Launch Center Pro > Places to see if any change will result in more accurate location triggers for your particular location.

Enable Location Services

  1. Check that Location Services are On inside your iOS Settings > Privacy.
  2. Tap Location Services and check that “Launch” has its permission switch enabled.

Settings > Location Services

Check that location triggers are enabled

  1. Tap the Edit button in the top-right corner of Launch Center Pro.
  2. Tap on the action you would like location triggers to launch.
  3. Tap Location Triggers.
  4. Ensure that either “When I arrive” or “When I leave” is selected and is highlighted green for the particular location you would like to use as a trigger.
  5. Tap the Info button (i) on that location.
  6. If it is a geofence, tap Location and ensure that the circle with the dashed blue line accurately covers the location. If it is an iBeacon, double-check that its values for UUID, Major, and Minor match those of your iBeacon.
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