2.1 Release Notes

What’s new in Launch Center Pro 2.1

Launch Center Pro brings quite a few exciting features for users of all levels. If you have any questions about these, don’t hesitate to ask on Twitter or using the “Submit a request” link below.

Thank you for spreading the word so we can keep bringing you new and useful features!

Fleksy Keyboard Support

Fleksy is an amazing alternative keyboard with a patent pending text prediction engine and a powerful autocorrect engine. As a Fleksy SDK for iOS launch partner, we’re excited to be among the first apps to get this powerful feature into the hands of our users.

Usage examples:

[prompt-fleksy]                 # Prompt with Fleksy
[prompt-fleksy:Prompt Title]    # ... with a title
[prompt-fleksy-voice:Title]     # Reads the words aloud as you type
[prompt-fleksy-list]            # Converts line breaks into commas


One of the most useful new features in 2.1 is the [list] tag. Think of it like a [prompt], but as multiple choice. This can be very useful in a workflow where you commonly choose between a handful of options.

# With a title
[list:Choose a person|David|Justin|Brock]
      ^Title         ^Pipe starts the options

# Without a title
      ^ You still need an opening |

# You can specify a value different than the tile by using a "=".

Photo Attach options

Prior to Launch Center Pro 2.1, support and syntax to specify a photo varied per action. In 2.1 we’ve normalized the way to specify a photo for all applicable internal actions via the attach parameter. While we were at it, we added a few new options for getting a photo.

?attach=photo               # Offers a prompt to choose from common sources
?attach=photo:last          # Uses the last photo on your camera roll
?attach=photo:camera        # Opens the camera for you to snap a new photo
?attach=photo:frontcamera   # Defaults to the front camera
?attach=photo:library       # Offers a photo picker for your entire library
?attach=photo:cameraroll    # Offers a photo picker for your camera roll
?attach=photo:dropbox       # Allows you to pick a photo from Dropbox
?attach=photo:clipboard     # Uses the photo on your clipboard

Optional Parameters

The above attachment types have sensible defaults for most uses, but we added a few handy options for advanced uses. Simply add these parameters to your URL as needed.

Universal Options

&quality=0..100             # Allows you to specify the JPG compression quality
&maxwidth=640               # Resizes proportionally. The value is at 1x
&maxheight=640              # (Same as above)

Camera Options

&flash=yes|no               # omit to use auto/default
&edit=yes|no                # If enabled, it presents the system square-crop editing screen after taking a photo. Defaults to *no*.
&save=yes|no                # Also save the photo to your camera roll? (Defaults to *yes*)
&fullres=yes|no             # The default is to use the image at screen resolution with all applied edits (rotation/crop/etc). You can override this by specifying *yes* and you'll get the raw unedited image.  (Also applies to library and cameraroll sources.)

Dropbox Options

&path={{/pictures/gifs}}            # Opens a Dropbox picker from this directory
&path={{/pictures/gifs/LOL.gif}}    # Directly downloads the specified images
&cache=yes|no                       # If yes, prevents downloading the same (big?) image if it's already in cache. Defaults to *no*.

iOS Share Sheet

You can now open the system Share Sheet to perform actions with a photo, text, and/or URL.


# or combine them all together

Upload Photos to Dropbox

Before 2.1, you could upload the last photo and a photo from your clipboard to Dropbox. (launchpro-dropbox://addlastphoto and launchpro-dropbox://clipboard) These legacy formats still work, but we’ve added the ability to use the full array of attachments as described above.


This can be very handy to do things like upload receipts to a common folder, etc.

Add Photos to Clipboard

Similar to Dropbox, you can also use the new format to add photos to the Clipboard.

launch://clipboard?attach=photo:last    # you may use any of the photo sources above
launch://clipboard?text=mytext          # adding text is similar

Social Share Sheets (Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo)

Before 2.1, you could only attach the last photo or a dropbox photo to a share sheet. We now support the full range of photo attachments, as well as setting the initial text.

launch://facebook?text=[prompt:My Mood]&attach=photo:selfie

Disable Prompt Autocorrection

We’ve had a few requests to provide a means of disabling autocorrection and capitalization in prompts. We’re happy to offer this by simply adding an extra : before your title.

[prompt::My Title]          # with a title
[prompt::]                  # without a title (it looks funny, but hey, it works!)
[prompt-return::Title]      # it works with alternate keyboards (not Fleksy) as well

TextExpander update

We now support the latest version of TextExpander’s iOS SDK. Snippets must now be manually synced in the Settings view.

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