2.2 Release Notes

What’s new in Launch Center Pro 2.2

Launch Center Pro for iPad

Along with this update, we’ve released the first official Launch Center Pro for iPad app.

While the iPad version is a separate app from the iPhone version, we do intend to maintain feature releases generally in sync. In the future, we may add platform-specific features where it makes sense. Launch Center Pro backups can be restored between platforms.

Dropbox Text Actions

You can now create new plain text files and append/prepend to existing ones with Launch Center. See Documentation

Accessibility: VoiceOver Support

You are now able to move between groups and execute actions with VoiceOver enabled. Our sincere apologies for not addressing this sooner. We’re still working on improvements in this area, and we welcome all feedback about making our accessibility support even better.

Move Actions Between Groups

Previously, actions could only be moved within the group that they were created. In 2.2, We’ve added a Move Action option on the Edit Action screen. You can use this to place an action anywhere in Launch Center Pro.

Multitouch Group Support

New in 2.2, you can touch and hold a group, then touch a sub-action with another finger. (Especially useful on the iPad.) In practice, this can be a very useful technique for quick two-handed access to actions.

Dictionary Lookup

You can now access easy word definitions using the system Dictionary. If you’ve never accessed the system dictionary before, you may need to download a dictionary for your language the first time.


  • text
    • Required
    • Word to define


Dictionary lookup of the text entered in a prompt. Install Action


Dictionary lookup of clipboard text, Google search when dismissed. Install Action



You can now ask Launch Center to read text aloud, with variable speed. (x-callback supported)


  • text
    • Required
    • Text to speak aloud
  • speed
    • Optional
    • Value should be a decimal range between zero (slowest) and one (fastest).
    • If omitted, the default system speed will be used.


Read prompt text aloud. (Kid Approved™) Install Action

launch://speak?text=[prompt:Text to Speak]&speed=0.3

Read clipboard text aloud, then perform a Google search. Install Action

launch://x-callback-url/speak?text={{Now searching for: [[clipboard]]}}&speed=0.3&x-success={{https://www.google.com/search?q=[clipboard]}}
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