2.3 Release Notes

What’s new in Launch Center Pro 2.3

Launch Center Pro IFTTT Channel

*****UPDATE 1/30/17 IFTTT is no longer supported in Launch Center Pro*****

Launch Center Pro is now a full channel on IFTTT! The Launch Center app can be used as both a Trigger and as an Action endpoint. You can now set up an action in Launch Center to trigger any recipe on IFTTT.

# ut oh, your room just got interesting  

Likewise, any other IFTTT Channel can send a push notification with a URL that can be executed with a simple swipe or tap. The possibilities are endless!

View our IFTTT Guide for more information

Launch Center Connect

Launch Center Connect helps you connect actions with online services such as IFTTT. You may easily create an account within the app, or at http://connect.launchcenterpro.com. More to come. :)

Location Triggers: Geofences & iBeacons

Actions can now be triggered by moving in or out of a geofence or iBeacon region. Unlike a simple reminder, these are actionable prompts to execute any action or URL. Additionally, each action’s location triggers may be filtered by:

  • Time range
  • Days of the week
  • No more than once per [x] minutes.

List Builder

Lists are a very powerful feature of Launch Center Pro. Until now, users had to create them manually. In 2.3, List is now an option directly from the prompt button when editing a URL.

Giphy - Animated GIFs

Love ’em or hate ’em, it’s never been easier to use them! We have direct integration with Giphy for all of your animated GIF needs. You can use them in any action that supports photo attachments:

launch://messaging?attach=photo:gif                         # browser starting with trending gifs  
launch://messaging?attach=photo:gif&gif-search=excited      # browser with predefined search  
launch://messaging?attach=photo:gif&gif-id=5GoVLqeAOo6PK    # direct link to GIF  

Additionally, you can get a direct link to a GIF using the [gif] tag:

[gif]                       # browser  
[gif:search term]           # browser with search term  
[gif-id:5GoVLqeAOo6PK]      # direct link to GIF  

# Sample Action:  
tweetbot:///post?text=[gif]  # Tweet a direct link to a GIF  

Encoding Helper Overhaul

In a huge change from previous versions, Launch Center Pro now supports nested encoding helpers. Simply wrap whatever you wish to be encoded in double curly braces. Nested braces will be encoded from inside-out.

Input tags like [clipboard] will now be properly expanded at the correct time. (No more manual encoding hacks to prevent early clipboard firing, etc.)


It looks a lot better than manually encoding a triple-callback. :)

Nested Input Tag Support

2.3 brings support for nested input tags. Put lists in lists, prompts in dropbox paths, dropbox text in list values, etc. The possibilities are endless.

# Choose a predefined address, use the picker, or type in an email address  
launch://email?to=[list:To|Justin=justin@me.com|David=david@me.com|Picker=[[contact]]|Other=[[prompt-email:Email Address]]]  

As a rule, all tags are always executed inside out, left-to-right. (Except for [list], which only executes nested tags if the value is selected.)

As before, keep in mind that single brackets output the encoded version of the content, double brackets output it without change.

[action] Tag

In 2.3, you will now see an Action ID label at the bottom of every action’s Edit screen. (You can tap the label to copy it to your clipboard.) The tag will expand at runtime and the corresponding url will be inserted.

launch://x-callback-url/speak?text={{Hello master!}}&x-success=[action:15]  

This is especially useful if you have a common follow-up action that you use for x-callback-url. There is no longer a need to go through each action to edit the x-success values… simply edit the source action and you’re done!

LC Callback

x-callback-url is a wonderful thing… if it’s supported by your favorite apps. In the cases where it’s not, we have an alternate solution. Simply add an lc-callback parameter to the end of any URL in Launch Center Pro:


How does this work? Well… Launch Center Pro sent me to Foursquare where I checked into my favorite coffee shop. When I was done, I toggled back to Launch Center Pro via the multitasking menu. Launch center then executed the url of action #37, which coincidently is my Square payment app.

While not as fluid as x-callback-url, it is surprisingly useful for tasks you always do together.

Note: lc-callback parameters attached to any internal launch:// action will automatically be evaluated as x-callback-url. This can save you a bit of typing.

[contact] Tag

Launch Center Pro has always had a contact picker, but now you can get the picker in an action.

launch://email?to=[contact]&subject={{Status Report}}&body=[dropbox:My Documents]  

And as a bonus feature for you WhatsApp users out there… you can now easily get the abid for a contact with [contact-abid].


The contact tag can be inserted from the toolbar while editing an Action.

Featured Actions

If you’ve seen Launch Center Pro before, you know it’s possible to do some amazing things with actions. In version 2.3, we make it easier to discover new and exciting actions via a “Feature Actions” section. Simply open Action Composer and you will find a perpetually growing list of actions with descriptions and tips.

Direct Links to Dropbox Files

Starting in 2.3, you may now get a direct link to any file on Dropbox. (As opposed to the share page.) Simply add a &directlink=yes parameter to an existing Dropbox action, or use one of these new tags/actions:

# gets the direct link, with a file browser starting in your gifs folder  

# puts the selected file's direct link on your clipboard  

QR/Barcode Scanning

[scan] Tag

You can now get the value from almost any barcode or QR code and insert it directly into your url.


QR Action

Want to quickly scan a QR code and open the URL in Safari? No need for a separate app, just use:


Goodbye [prompt-fleksy]

Sadly, the Fleksy SDK no longer supports the ability to enable and disable the Fleksy keyboard programmatically. This makes our [prompt-fleksy] tag impossible. In iOS 8 Fleksy will be available as a system wide keyboard, which will be a much better experience than [prompt-fleksy].

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