Why won’t the Apple Watch app install?

Unfortunately, there are some long-standing issues with installing Apple Watch apps to the device. This is beyond our control.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure that both your iPhone and Apple Watch have been updated to the latest version
  2. Try quitting the Apple Watch app and relaunching
  3. Try restarting both your Apple Watch and iPhone
    How to restart your Apple Watch - Apple Support
    Restart your iPhone - Apple Support
  4. Try deleting and reinstalling Weather Up
  5. Try unpairing and re-pairing your watch and restore from the backup just created. (This will take 10+ minutes and force you to redo some set up steps including adding credit cards to Apple Wallet, but as a last ditch effort, sometimes it’s the only way to fix an issue with Apple Watch)
    Unpair and erase your Apple Watch - Apple Support
    Set up your Apple Watch - Apple Support

If none of those work, let us know by submitting a request below.

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