Can I use my own NFC stickers with Launch Center Pro?

Short answer yes! Long answer… it's… complicated.

Using the [nfc] tag as documented here will read any standard, non-encrypted, NFC sticker/tag. NFC stickers/tags can have all sorts of data stored on them, including plain text, URLs, contact information, etc, and they can even store a combination of these on a single tag. If you have a random NFC tag, it could contain anything on it, including malicious data (links to malware, or even specially encoded data intended to compromise your device). Many uses of NFC (think Apple Pay) use encryption to secure the data transferred via NFC and thus that data can't be read by an iPhone and by extension, Launch Center Pro.

Reading random NFC stickers can be fun, but it's not particularly useful. You can't use those stickers to trigger anything in Launch Center Pro. It's not that we don't want you to, it's that background scanning of NFC stickers is tightly regulated on iOS (to help protect you from the aforementioned malicious data). In order for background scanning to work, Launch Center Pro had to register a “Universal Link” and request a special entitlement from Apple. That being the case, only NFC stickers with the URL "" encoded in them will be able to trigger Launch Center Pro from the background.

But that's not quite enough, each URL has to be unique. This allows Launch Center Pro to register each individual sticker to trigger different actions and be associated with different data in the app. For the stickers we had manufactured, we use the format So the sticker URL might look something like this:

You can replicate uniqueness with any series of numbers of letters, so each of these would be recognized as unique if triggered in Launch Center Pro:

OK, so now that you know what URLs to use for encoding stickers, how do you actually encode them? We're hoping to support writing to NFC stickers in a future update, but for now we've tested the NFC Tools app and it works great. Once you've downloaded the app, follow these instructions to write to a blank NFC sticker (which can be purchased cheaply on Amazon):

From the main menu of the NFC Tools app, tap the "Write" button, then tap "Add a record", then "URL/URI". Now enter "" followed by a unique set of letters and/or numbers as shown above. And finally, go back to the write menu and tap the write button then tap your iPhone to the sticker.


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